In my dreams I’m climbing ladders…

So I’ve been a bit of a shit house really with these blogs and playlists. I mean, I’ve had a pretty hectic summer so far. It’s slowly coming to an end, and it’s certainly had its almighty highs and suffering lows. 

But as you know the real reason I’m here is music. And it’s certainly played a huge part in my summer. I’ve sung in an Opera house in Lviv with a group of my best mates. Like, not a lot can top that and I’ll discuss that another time. But there’s one point I wanna talk about here. Foo Fighters and how they’ve been the soundtrack to one of the best parts of my summer.

It’s no secret that they’re one of, if not my favourite band. So I spent 2 amazing weeks in Toronto over the summer, enjoying laughs with family, freinds and newly made friends. I was lucky enough that the Foo Fighters released their new album while I was over there and this just became my soundtrack…for the holiday and for my summer in a way. 

I’ve loved this album from start to finish and from first listen to even when I listen to now. It was pretty much the only thing I listened to over in Toronto and it’s now ingrained in my heart and mind with all the memories that have been made. I’m not going to review this album or anything. Listen to it yourself and form your own opinion. Opinions are like arse holes after all. Everyone’s got one and they’re usually full of shit. And who cares what I think?

So many sporting events I went to, so many cool places I visited, bars, restaurants, Landmarks. The memories will all be there everytime I listen to this album. I guess it’s a part of the summer I forgot my woes and sadness. Maybe a reason I listen to it constantly still. But hey, let’s not get too down! 

That visits really opened my eyes to opportunities greater than what’s on offer over here in the UK. Maybe it’s time to jet set and explore new avenues.

Let’s see what the soundtrack to that adventure is…

Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

There’s no one quite like you…

So do you ever get those times where you try and explain something to someone and you just can’t find the right words? I feel like that happens a lot. Especially in a relationship. 

I’m pretty crap with words. But every now and then I stumble across a song that just sums stuff up perfectly. Often more than one song. 

Wolf Alice releases a new song this week called Don’t Delete the Kisses. Kinda summed up a lot for me. But then it got me onto listening to their other stuff too. The other song that hit me was Bros. I know the story of it is between two friends but I guess I related to it with my relationship too. 

The lyrics were just perfect for what was in my head and kinda what I wanted to say. Probably better than what I wanted to say really. 

Wolf Alice are definitely a band worth checking out anyway because they’re awesome. But I feel like I’ve got a deeper connection to the lyrics too. 

Give them a listen. 

Don’t delete the kisses – YouTube
Wolf Alice Tiny Desk Concert – YouTube

What a difference a day makes…

Well, more a week than a day to be honest.
This time last week I was getting ready for what would turn out to be one of the best days I’ve had in a while. Filled with such joy, happiness and a bit of emotion (which I tried to conceal but I’m not sure i did a very good job of it).

It sounds really basic but sometimes those days that don’t consist of the most “out there” plans are always the best…Cinema, Shopping and food. Simple.

This blog is mainly about music, so I guess i just wanted to share the music or soundtrack to that day, which is why I guess you’re here reading this in the first place?  Ive listened to this playlist quite a bit over the last week, just as a reminder of so many small things and memories that had a much bigger impact on me and that meant so much more to me than I thought.

I must admit that I didn’t create this playlist, I do have Apple Music and a certain someone to thank. But it is filled with so many good songs. If you want a chilled soundtrack to make memories to, this is pretty good.

Well, it at least worked for me.


PS – we watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the cinema. It was awesome. It also has an unbelievable soundtrack.

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

Playlist #7 WC 12.6.17

1. Hole – Awful

Love Hole. This is an amazing album. From start to finish its full of great songs! 

2. Kendrick Lemar ft. Dr Dre – The Recipe

Dr Dre returns after a period out to jump on this with Kendrick. Class song. 

3. Blondie – Sunday Girl

I remember listening to this album solid for a while about 9 months ago. I had it on in the car as I had to drive to the airport to pick a certain someone up. I don’t know why but it just sticks out for me this song. I’ve no idea what a Sunday Girl is but in my head it’s cute and perfect. I guess that’s why it reminds me of someone. Forever my Sunday Girl. 

4. Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)

This is such a good song. A classic. The album is a classic too. It’s helped shape hip hop and R n B going forward. It’s dead catchy and a really god outro. 

5. Dan Auerbach – Shine On Me

The Black Keys frontman goes solo and his albums a beauty. The pick of be bunch for me. 

6. Foo Fighters – Run

I guess the only lyrics I relate to in this are the opening lyrics. “Run for your life with me. In another perfect life, in another perfect time.” But such an amazing song. Foos will always be one of my favourite bands of all time. 

7. Arcade Fire – Everything Now

One of my favourite bands. New songs a little funky but I like it. It’s never going to top their older stuff though.

8. Alt-J – Deadcrush

Probably one of my favourite songs off the new album. It’s good. It’s filthy good. Odd topic about having a crush on someone that’s dead but whatever works!

9. Interpol – Narc

A typical love and relationships song but with a filter of corruption and manipulation. 

10. Courteeners – Small Bones (acoustic)

“This song is about when you find someone beautiful and they’re brilliant and everything else is shit” Liam Fray. 

Apple Music Playlist

    Dream of Californication…


    So its 18 years ago today since The Chilis released Californication.

    I was late to the party with this one. I remember getting it off a friend on mini disc (Remember when that was a thing?). And it was probably closer to By The Ways release when i got it to when it was actually released.

    I remember listening to them both and thinking Californication was the better of the two albums, something i still agree to to this day.

    Since I’ve got older I’ve delved deeper into RHCP back catalogue and have enjoyed their older, pre-californication stuff a lot more. Theres so much funk its unbelievable. Classic songs like Pretty Little Ditty which was sampled later on by Crazy Town in their early 00’s song Butterfly.

    Theres still elements of the funk in Californication in songs like Get On Top and I Like Dirt but nothing compared to their earlier works.

    I love Californication. Its one of the albums that sticks with me amongst those albums I grew up with. Classic hits such as Scar Tissue and the song that gives its name to the album, Californication too. Its definitely the album that got me into The Chilis.

    Their more recent music hasn’t really appealed to me, though I did really enjoy the latest album The Getaway. Its no way anything compared to their older stuff, but still a solid album for me.

    If you’ve never listened to Californication and their newer stuff is all you’ve heard then i would massively urge you to go and listen to their older stuff.

    Im sat here listening to the album as I write this and its just amazing from first track to last.

    Do yourself a favour and give yourself an eargasm by listening to it. You’ll find out why its The Chilis most successful record.

    (Btw I definitely feel like I’ve used the word Californication too much. Ah well, feck it).

    Jaj Jamz Playlist

    My good friend Stef has taken a crack at a playlist for you all. Just a selection of good songs. Get it listened to, get it read and appreciate! ✊🏻

    1 – Crowded House – Weather with you –

    Simply, this song reminds me of my mam and the adventures we had when it was just me and her. My mum is one of the kindest, most thoughtful and most irritating (!) people I know. She’s always supported me and encouraged me to go and do the things I want, she has a ridiculous sense of humour and never fails to make me laugh. This one’s for you SlavaJ.

    2 – Oasis – Whatever –

    When I first listened to Oasis as around 6/7 years old I couldn’t quite believe what I was listening. What’s the Story (Morning Glory) opened my ears to a new kind of music I’d never heard before. I had no idea what the lyrics meant but I liked how it sounded – and have done ever since. This is my favourite track of theirs.

    3 – Courteeners – Opener –

    Another favourite band of mine, I’ve chosen this for two reasons. The first is that this song takes me to a specific time in my life where I was discovering new music and enjoying it live regularly. Countless gigs with old friends, all over the country – it was always sunny and always a great laugh. Those were good times. Secondly, it’s a cracking start to a great album.

    4 – White Buffalo – Highwayman –

    Now this is a great cover of a song by the legendary Johnny Cash. It’s all about rebirth after death and it’s something I can relate to. The amount of change in my life in the past 18 months has been overwhelming, but also incredible. This was something that reminded me, at my lowest ebb, that I could continue, re-invent and re-grow.

    5 – Turnover – Take My Head –

    I listened to this album once and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Take my head is an upbeat, yet melancholic lesson in angst and self-loathing. At my darkest times I felt similar things so I can relate to this, especially now I’m in a place where I can reflect on this and learn from the past. This whole album is worth a listen, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    6 – Simon and Garfunkel – The Boxer –

    Song writing at its best – I can’t say anything other than this song stops me in my tracks, I just have to leave whatever I’m doing and listen whenever it comes on.

    7 – Elton John – Tiny Dancer –

    That scene on the bus in Almost Famous. This has always been my favourite song, it reminds me of so many good people, and so many good times. This song makes me think of those most important to me and never fails to inspire me to reach out to them in one way or another. Hold me closer tiny dancer …

    8 – Joshua James – Coal War –

    The mixture of country, gospel and rock and roll makes this a great feel-good anthem. Since the death of someone very close to me nearly ten years ago, I’ve had an ever-increasing spiritual aspect to my life. There’s just something quite inexplicable about how music with religious origins makes you feel.

    9 – Bob Dylan – Hurricane –

    Whilst this is an excellent song, with some incredible violin parts, this is also a stark reminder that injustice and inequality are largely the same now as they were over 40 years ago.

    10 – Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower –

    One of the rare occasions where the cover is more sublime and more rich than the (very good) original. Hendrix shreds all over this track, it reminds me of warm summer evenings.

    Jaj Jamz Apple Music
    Jaj Jamz Spotify
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