The Masterplan

So, the Masterplan…what is it?

I want to reconnect. Simple as that.

Reconnect with music.

I want to share with YOU what I’m listening to and for you to share with ME what you’re listening to.

I’m literally a simple guy who just likes music.

The aim for me is to give you a playlist every week or so of just the song I’ve been listening to in that past week.

Each one will just have touched me in a different way. Whether that be the lyrics really meant something to me at that time, its a song that reminded me of a fond memory, its one of my favourite songs or whether it just has a bloody good riff as is catchy.

I want to know what you’re listening to though too so tell me your favourite songs and why they mean that to you. Tell me a new band. Whatever. Tell me, write for me. Whatever you like.

Lets just…connect?



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