Alive at 25.

So it’s 25 years to the day today that Pearl Jam debuted their Unplugged set for MTV.
I’ve listened to it quite a bit recently, actually quite a lot. The version of Oceans, the opener to the set really gets to me. I love the lyrics to that song but I’ll get into that another time.

And let’s not forget the acoustic version of State of Love and Trust which even though it doesn’t appear on Ten, is still an amazing rendition. As Eddie says himself; “Busted down to pre tests”.

There’s not been many other albums, let alone debut albums that can better or eclipse Ten. It’s an amazing album from start to finish and the Unplugged just compliments the album so much. You don’t get inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame for churning out shit, do you! 

I was too young to appreciate it back when it first came out, but Pearl Jam and that album have become influential and a big part of my life now. 

Its definitely an album/cd/video I know I can always rely on to change my mood whatever. 

I’m so glad I was introduced to Pearl Jam, to Ten and to the Unplugged. I owe that to a very good friend of mine.

Game changer.

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