Playlist #2 – 27.03.2017

So, into week number 2 of my weekly playlist. 10 songs that I’ve listened to and hit me in some way.

1. Taking Back Sunday – What’s it feel like to be a ghost.

Great opener to this album and reminds me of meeting a friend at Ukrainian camp about 12/13 years ago! Back when life was care free. Inspired lyrics Louder now, right now for my other blog.

2. The Offspring – Come out and play

Got into this album recently and this was just one of the more catchy songs on it for me! Love that it’s also about gang culture.

3. Queens of the Stone Age – Song for the dead

I firmly believe that this album changed my life. I remember hearing No One Knows in the playground at school and just thinking “wow”! Song for he dead is just everything you want. Heavy guitars, solid drum intro. Heavy and loud.

4. Modest Mouse – Float on

Such a catchy song and great band. Just forget all of your troubles and float on!

5. Coldplay – What If

This is probably my favourite Coldplay album (back when I considered them good. Controv) and a great song from that. I guess it just reflects my feelings at the moment of the anxiety and what ifs? The lyrics are amazing to me and it’s just a lovely song.

6. Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence

“All I ever wanted. All I ever needed was here in my arms”.

7. The White Stripes – Icky Thump

Love The White Stripes and I love comics. So when this song popped up on the Justice League trailer it got me fully into the swing of them again. Such a punchy and just class song.

8. Django Django – Default

June 2013. We were on holiday in Croatia travelling to Montenegro. I had this cd on for the drive. I remember going over the mountains and just having the most amazing view in front. Even more beautiful was the view of the person in the passenger seat.

9. Foo Fighters – Aurora

Foo Fighters are one of, if not my favourite band. Not one of their more popular songs but it’s just beautiful. “I just kinda died for you. You just kinda stared at me”.

10. Death Cab for Cutie – Long Division

A bit of an out there break up song that I kinda relate to. Just me!

11.The xx – Say Something Loving

Just read the lyrics.

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