A Flood of Blood to the Heart

There’s always that one band, album or song that means something to you in a time where everything seems to be going to shit for you. That band for me are Alt-J.

Alt-J were the band that I discovered at a time in December 2011 where I was in a bit of a bad place and they became my music to help get me out that rut.

There’s so much meaning behind that band to me but I’ll save that for another time.

Fast forward 5 years and I’m in the exact same position as I was back then. Going through a breakup amongst other things, Alt-J release two new tracks and an album scheduled for a summertime release.

Things worked out okay 5 years ago and I have no doubts it’ll work out this time. I guess it just made me smile and laugh that their new stuff comes out at the exact same time and its like history repeating itself all over again.

Their new song is just epic for me and I’ve had it on repeat since it dropped.

Thanks Alt-J.





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