Playlist #3 – 03.04.2017

Playlist number 3 for ya.

1. Brand New – Sowing Season

Such a great song and a good album too. “I am on the mend. At least I can say I’m trying. And I hope you will forget things I lack”.

2. The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

An old classic. Came on the radio this week and I’ve not been able to get it out my head. Deserving of being in the playlist this week.

3. Tapes ‘n Tapes – Cowbell

Nothing more than a dead catchy song and something a little bit different.

4. Ben Howard – Only Love

Just over 5 years since I saw Ben Howard for the first time in Leeds Uni student union. I love this song. Its so chilled and just beautiful. Some great lyrics too.

5. Lucy Rose – Shiver

A dead romantic song for me and a really touching video too. A gentleman reminiscing over a past lover, their love for each other and some amazing times they had. Or at least that’s my interpretation anyway.

6. Saint Raymond – Fall At Your Feet

Really good band and album. Stumbled across Saint Raymond at Leeds Festival a few years back. Nothing else on so checked out the BBC introducing stage. Love this particular song immediately.

7. Lucy Rose – Lines

Lucy Rose makes a second appearance in this weeks playlist. Ive listened to her first album a few times this week. Its special. Shes an amazing singer and very good live too!

8. Nick Mulvey – Cucurucu

I just really like this song. Nick Mulvey is a dead talented artist. The rest of his album is great. Nitrous is also worth a mention.

9. Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye

Soft. Loud. Soft. Amazing.

10. Alt-J – In Cold Blood

One of my favourite bands and a band with real meaning to me. Their new song couldn’t have come at a better time for me. See more here.

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