Playlist #4 – 10.04.2017

A day late! Very big apologies….got a little tied up yesterday afternoon!

Anyway, here’s some music for ya. 

1. The Cure – Boys don’t cry

Great catchy song and some actually really touching lyrics. Totally relatable! 

2. At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor

Dead punchy and a great song. 

3. The Who – The Seeker

My dad went watching The Who last week and it made me extremely jealous! So thought I’d chuck this song in here. It’s a class song. Best played loud. 

4. Blur – My Terracotta Heart

Such a chilled out song and actually a great album by Blur. There’s tonnes of great songs on this album but this is probably my favourite.

5. Vega4 – You and Me

Funny that I actually remembered this song this week after finding my old MySpace profile and seeing that I followed Vega4. Made me think of this song straight away.

6. Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

A really cool song and a really cool video too. I actually want to recreate the 360 degree cameras!

7. CKY – Flesh Into Gear

Just proper reminds me of Jackass and Tony Hawks. Had a big reminiscing session about Tony Hawks this week. Hopefully more to follow.

8. The Slow Readers Club – I Saw A Ghost

Actually my cousin that got me into this band. I just think this is a top song!

9. Eagles of Death Metal – Wannabe in LA

Josh Homme’s side project. Said they wanted a mix between the Eagles and death metal. Their songs are dead catchy and I’d recommend listening to their albums. 

10. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Gorillaz released new music over the last couple of weeks. Wasn’t overly impressed at all. Thought I’d take it back to where it began. Buying it as a single and getting the video included on the disc! 
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