Playlist #5 WC 1.5.17

A little (a lot) late with this one. I’m going to apologise now for the lateness. It’s been such a manic week and this got pushed to one side. Shit happens.

Anyway, here we have it. Have a listen. Tell me what you think of the songs. Some right corkers. 

1. DIIV – Dopamine

So I’ve heard of this band before, downloaded their album but only just recently listened to it. Wow. Why have innit listened to this before! Amazing!

2. Beach Fossils – Saint Ivy

Stumbled on this band in the “you may also like” after listening to DIIV. Dead good song! 

3. Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot

All relating to DIIV here! They made me think of Sonic Youth so thought it’d be rude not to stick it in! 

4. This Modern Hope – Tear Me Down

Another new band on my radar. Some real good songs but this was one of my favourites! Hard to put my finger on how they sound as it’s a mix of a few! Either way, you’d be bonkers not to check these guys out! 

5. The House of Love – Shine On

Came on the radio during the week. Such a good song. 

6. Flashguns – Come and See the Lights

Decided to plug my old hard drive in to my laptop earlier in the week and go through what music I had one. Forgot about Flashguns. 

7. The Joy Formidable – Austere

Same as above. Can’t believe I forgot about this one!

8. Blossoms – Blown Rose 

Blossoms are just an incredible band. They’ve such a 90s sound which I love. Blown rose was the first song I heard of theirs almost 2 years back. Really summery. And my jammy ass brother saw them in Blind Tiger in Bolton before they were big! Ass hat. 

9. Real Estate – Darling 

10. Starland Vocal Band – Afternoon Delight

Because why not? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Apple Music playlist

Spotify Playlist

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