Dream of Californication…


So its 18 years ago today since The Chilis released Californication.

I was late to the party with this one. I remember getting it off a friend on mini disc (Remember when that was a thing?). And it was probably closer to By The Ways release when i got it to when it was actually released.

I remember listening to them both and thinking Californication was the better of the two albums, something i still agree to to this day.

Since I’ve got older I’ve delved deeper into RHCP back catalogue and have enjoyed their older, pre-californication stuff a lot more. Theres so much funk its unbelievable. Classic songs like Pretty Little Ditty which was sampled later on by Crazy Town in their early 00’s song Butterfly.

Theres still elements of the funk in Californication in songs like Get On Top and I Like Dirt but nothing compared to their earlier works.

I love Californication. Its one of the albums that sticks with me amongst those albums I grew up with. Classic hits such as Scar Tissue and the song that gives its name to the album, Californication too. Its definitely the album that got me into The Chilis.

Their more recent music hasn’t really appealed to me, though I did really enjoy the latest album The Getaway. Its no way anything compared to their older stuff, but still a solid album for me.

If you’ve never listened to Californication and their newer stuff is all you’ve heard then i would massively urge you to go and listen to their older stuff.

Im sat here listening to the album as I write this and its just amazing from first track to last.

Do yourself a favour and give yourself an eargasm by listening to it. You’ll find out why its The Chilis most successful record.

(Btw I definitely feel like I’ve used the word Californication too much. Ah well, feck it).

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