What a difference a day makes…

Well, more a week than a day to be honest.
This time last week I was getting ready for what would turn out to be one of the best days I’ve had in a while. Filled with such joy, happiness and a bit of emotion (which I tried to conceal but I’m not sure i did a very good job of it).

It sounds really basic but sometimes those days that don’t consist of the most “out there” plans are always the best…Cinema, Shopping and food. Simple.

This blog is mainly about music, so I guess i just wanted to share the music or soundtrack to that day, which is why I guess you’re here reading this in the first place?  Ive listened to this playlist quite a bit over the last week, just as a reminder of so many small things and memories that had a much bigger impact on me and that meant so much more to me than I thought.

I must admit that I didn’t create this playlist, I do have Apple Music and a certain someone to thank. But it is filled with so many good songs. If you want a chilled soundtrack to make memories to, this is pretty good.

Well, it at least worked for me.


PS – we watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the cinema. It was awesome. It also has an unbelievable soundtrack.

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

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