There’s no one quite like you…

So do you ever get those times where you try and explain something to someone and you just can’t find the right words? I feel like that happens a lot. Especially in a relationship. 

I’m pretty crap with words. But every now and then I stumble across a song that just sums stuff up perfectly. Often more than one song. 

Wolf Alice releases a new song this week called Don’t Delete the Kisses. Kinda summed up a lot for me. But then it got me onto listening to their other stuff too. The other song that hit me was Bros. I know the story of it is between two friends but I guess I related to it with my relationship too. 

The lyrics were just perfect for what was in my head and kinda what I wanted to say. Probably better than what I wanted to say really. 

Wolf Alice are definitely a band worth checking out anyway because they’re awesome. But I feel like I’ve got a deeper connection to the lyrics too. 

Give them a listen. 

Don’t delete the kisses – YouTube
Wolf Alice Tiny Desk Concert – YouTube

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