In my dreams I’m climbing ladders…

So I’ve been a bit of a shit house really with these blogs and playlists. I mean, I’ve had a pretty hectic summer so far. It’s slowly coming to an end, and it’s certainly had its almighty highs and suffering lows. 

But as you know the real reason I’m here is music. And it’s certainly played a huge part in my summer. I’ve sung in an Opera house in Lviv with a group of my best mates. Like, not a lot can top that and I’ll discuss that another time. But there’s one point I wanna talk about here. Foo Fighters and how they’ve been the soundtrack to one of the best parts of my summer.

It’s no secret that they’re one of, if not my favourite band. So I spent 2 amazing weeks in Toronto over the summer, enjoying laughs with family, freinds and newly made friends. I was lucky enough that the Foo Fighters released their new album while I was over there and this just became my soundtrack…for the holiday and for my summer in a way. 

I’ve loved this album from start to finish and from first listen to even when I listen to now. It was pretty much the only thing I listened to over in Toronto and it’s now ingrained in my heart and mind with all the memories that have been made. I’m not going to review this album or anything. Listen to it yourself and form your own opinion. Opinions are like arse holes after all. Everyone’s got one and they’re usually full of shit. And who cares what I think?

So many sporting events I went to, so many cool places I visited, bars, restaurants, Landmarks. The memories will all be there everytime I listen to this album. I guess it’s a part of the summer I forgot my woes and sadness. Maybe a reason I listen to it constantly still. But hey, let’s not get too down! 

That visits really opened my eyes to opportunities greater than what’s on offer over here in the UK. Maybe it’s time to jet set and explore new avenues.

Let’s see what the soundtrack to that adventure is…

Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

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