Playlist #4 – 10.04.2017

A day late! Very big apologies….got a little tied up yesterday afternoon!

Anyway, here’s some music for ya. 

1. The Cure – Boys don’t cry

Great catchy song and some actually really touching lyrics. Totally relatable! 

2. At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor

Dead punchy and a great song. 

3. The Who – The Seeker

My dad went watching The Who last week and it made me extremely jealous! So thought I’d chuck this song in here. It’s a class song. Best played loud. 

4. Blur – My Terracotta Heart

Such a chilled out song and actually a great album by Blur. There’s tonnes of great songs on this album but this is probably my favourite.

5. Vega4 – You and Me

Funny that I actually remembered this song this week after finding my old MySpace profile and seeing that I followed Vega4. Made me think of this song straight away.

6. Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

A really cool song and a really cool video too. I actually want to recreate the 360 degree cameras!

7. CKY – Flesh Into Gear

Just proper reminds me of Jackass and Tony Hawks. Had a big reminiscing session about Tony Hawks this week. Hopefully more to follow.

8. The Slow Readers Club – I Saw A Ghost

Actually my cousin that got me into this band. I just think this is a top song!

9. Eagles of Death Metal – Wannabe in LA

Josh Homme’s side project. Said they wanted a mix between the Eagles and death metal. Their songs are dead catchy and I’d recommend listening to their albums. 

10. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Gorillaz released new music over the last couple of weeks. Wasn’t overly impressed at all. Thought I’d take it back to where it began. Buying it as a single and getting the video included on the disc! 
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For crying out loud!

By Stefan Jajecznyk (@jajecznyk)

Kasabian Are Back! And so far, it sounds GOOD!

THE Leicester foursome announced their return last week by releasing the first single from their new album, For Crying Out Loud.

Kasabian – You’re In Love with a Psycho

Written by Serge Pizzorno in 15 minutes, You’re In Love with a Psycho is a tub-thumping return from the Leicester-based indie giants.

In an audio post on Instagram [LINK:, the band announced the release of the first single off their forthcoming new album, “For Crying Out Loud”.

You’re in Love with a Psycho is a perfect example of what Kasabian do best – catchy hook and rhythm section with lyrics that you can’t help but sing along to.

The band say that the song is so appealing because everyone has been on either side of this argument at least once in their lives.

In the same Instagram post, guitarist Serge Pizzorno says ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ is “a weird anthem for everyone. You’ve either been in love with [a psycho] or you are one. It sort of celebrates that.”

While the video has been widely criticised by mental health charities, we can safely say that this is a big tune and we are very much looking forward to hearing what Kasabian have to offer with the rest of their new album.


Stef is a current MA Journalism Student at The University of Salford writing for a couple of sources. He also has his own website over at Jajecznyk WordPress. Music is a passion of Stef’s and in his spare time he’s always checking out the latest musical trends. Follow him on twitter at @Jajecznyk